About us

Sigma Delta Software Solutions is a company which specializes in different fields of software engineering and development. With multiple years of experience working with different clients, we are able to provide you with tailored advise and solutions for your problems.

Web Development/Design

Whether you need a new company website, or need an application to manage your data online, we can help you with it. Refer to the bottom of the page for more information regarding our Web related services.

Mobile App Development

Having experience with both the application layer as the native frameworks of Android, we can make sure that your idea can be implemented and executed to its full potential.

Embedded Development

With an original background in embedded engineering, we've worked on many different platforms ranging from Analog Devices SHARC DSP to Freescale/NXP Kinetis Low-Power MCU's.


If your company is currently struggling with an issue and you don't have the necessary tooling or know-how to resolve it, you can count on our services to analyze the problem and work out a strategy in accordance with your requirements to resolve the issue.

Mobile Browsing.

As the global markets are shifting more and more towards mobile devices, you want to be prepared and able to anticipate this change and provide your users with the best possible experience.

Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or issues you might be experiencing, and we will make sure to get back to you with a competitive proposition which will leverage any worries you might have onto us, and leave you with time to do what you do best.

Web Design/Development Assets

Using cutting-edge web development libraries, we can make sure that your website is ready for the mobile generation and can be considered future-proof for years to come.

UI/UX Design

Don't lose out on potential sales because clients can't navigate through your website. Contact us to design your website and we'll make sure it feels intuitive to all target markets so you'll never lose out on a prospect again.


Mobile First

Chances are very high your clients will be visiting your website using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. To guarantee an optimal user experience on all type of devices, we design your website from the ground up to make sure the quality remains consistent.

Speed matters

Ever had the feeling you had to wait forever before a website finally loaded? It annoys your potential clients as much as it would annoy you, so make sure that you never put them in this position. We optimize our websites to the maximal degree while keeping the user experience and general quality into account.

Search Engine Optimization

Want more 'Net' visibility? Our SEO strategies will get your hit counter running in no time.

Contact us for more information regarding our services before paying huge amounts of money for advertisements. In these days of add blockers and filters, you need to make the most out of the free potential first.